Sunset Overdrive pre-embargo early preview

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So it’s an open secret that a few of the team are currently jamming Sunset Overdrive to ensure we give you lovely girls and boys a full review in time for release. It is also no surprise that we are totally locked under embargo and can‘t really say anything yet.

So imagine my annoyance when I saw a video today from that goes against virtually everything our NDA states. Now I’m not sure if they have a different NDA to us or they have simply found a legal loophole. Unfortunately our lawyers are currently occupied with an infantile case so I can’t ask them but I can’t resist giving my opinion on the videogamer preview.

Now to be clear, and to avoid their lawyers whining, the video is tagged as an impressions video and not a preview. That’s quite the distinction when you read the NDA, but here it is. You tell me this isn’t a preview.

I predict that Sunset Overdrive is going to be quite the polarising game and people like the two in the video above are going to find it less than fantastic for all the wrong reasons. Others, possibly myself, are going to find it hugely entertaining and a much needed change from the overly serious and intense games we’ve been bombarded with recently.

I always recommend that you don’t pre-order titles until the reviews drop and there is no reason why I would change that stance now. But make sure you keep an eye out for our review and keep your credit card handy. Our very own impressions video, that abides by the NDA, will be up soon as well so stay tuned.

Last Updated: October 22, 2014

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