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Superbru Tournament: Results and winners here!

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So, our beloved national side may not have walked away with the prestigious Web Ellis trophy this year, but at least everyone who participated, had a great time in this years Rugby World Cup tournament.

Our Superbru pool has wrapped up as well, and it’s time to announce our top five winners, who will receive some prizes that have been sponsored by the great folks over at Megarom. Lets see who had the clairvoyance to accurately predict the outcome of the entire tournament.

Starting with number ten, we have:

10. Mork – 57.75 points

9. Hendrik – 58.75 points

8. Hennie666 – 58.75 points

7. >>!Sputnik!<< – 59 points

6. Luckyboy – 59.25 points

Well done guys, and congrats on making it into the top ten, those really were some staggering prediction results from your side. Unfortunately, we only have prizes for the top five, so lets have a look who made it to number one.

5. Swimfan – 59.5 points

4. Supersloth – 59.5 points

3. Solitude – 60 points

2. Purple Dragon – 60.5 points

And the winner of the Lazygamer and Megarom Superbru Tournament is…

1. Skywalker – 60.75 points

Congratulations Skywalker, you walk away with a R1000, a Springbok rugby jersey, a signed rugby ball by Percy Montgomery and Jonah Lomu’s Rugby Challenge game. For our other top four contestants, you’ll be getting a rugby bundle as well.

Thanks again to Megarom for sponsoring the prizes, and stay tuned to Lazygamer as we have plenty more contests on the horizon.

Last Updated: October 25, 2011

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