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Superhot’s Mind Control Delete sequel is out next week and will be free to owners of the original game

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If you haven’t played Superhot yet, then a) what the heck is wrong with you and b) go sort that massive void in your life out right now. Explaining Superhot is like trying to explain the comedic genius of Freddy got Fingered to a cat: It’s actually easy but you’re going to be confused anyway. Long story short, if you ever wanted a game that mixed chronal acceleration with gun-fu action inside of a freeze-frame and still sprinkled mindbending questions about the nature of meta-reality on top, Superhot had you covered.

Released back in 2016, which now makes the game older than the pyramids of Giza, Superhot’s team…er, Superhot Team, has been slaving away since 2017 on the Mind Control Delete downloadable content that would have served up some complimentary new content on the downloadable side for the smash hit game.

Only instead of cracking out some quick DLC, Superhot Tea’s efforts grew brilliantly massive and resulted in Superhot: Mind Control Delete, a game that is claimed to be four times bigger than the original. Here’s the kicker: It’ll be out next week on July 16, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One for free, provided that you purchased Superhot before July 16. Here’s the double-kicker: It’ll be free to anyone who owns the original Superhot game on GoG, Steam, the Epic Game Store, or PlayStation 4.

If you snapped up Superhot via freebie promotions such as Xbox Games With Gold or through the Epic Games Store, that deal doesn’t apply to you. Here’s the trailer for that upcoming stab at trying to find meaning through the utter obliteration of hostile red guys:

MIND CONTROL DELETE – by far our most ambitious project so far – has been in active development in Early Access since 2017. With the support and guidance of the community, it has expanded and grew over the years, eventually becoming far larger, deeper, and more polished than the original game ever was.

Superhot Team says that Mind Control Delete won’t just have more of the same, but will also see a bunch of new game mechanics such as hacking, special techniques and new weapons thrown into the mix. A Nintendo Switch version will also hit the scene eventually. SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT.

Last Updated: July 10, 2020

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