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Surfer Girl Returns

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Xbox 360 Slim Rumour

Surfer Girl, the anonymous industry insider with a great track record, is back and she’s bringing some big news to the table today.

First up we have news that Microsoft will be rebranding the Xbox 360 at E3 this year to coincide with the Project Natal release. The problem being that 99% of HD TV’s are piano black and people aren’t jumping over themselves to slap a white box next to that.

As part of this rebrand we will also see the new model shed a few pounds and become the much rumoured Xbox 360 Slim, the new model will also be branded with a new logo to represent the freedom of Project Natal.

Then she goes on to imply that Metal Gear Solid will be released on the Xbox 360 and will be Project Natal compliant, though I am not sure how you would use Project Natal for an MGS game to be honest.

Personally I don’t really care much for either rumour, a new model makes no difference to me and I am not much of a MGS fan. I do need me some Project Natal though.

However looking back through the archives we can see Surfer Girl has gotten it wrong on many big occasions as well, we are still waiting on Gears 3, a WiFi enabled console and I would say Killzone 2 was better than mediocre and Microsoft has repeatedly stated there is no slim Xbox 360 in the works.

Source: SurferGirl

Last Updated: April 26, 2010

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