Surprise! The Steam Winter sale was super successful

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Steam Winter Sale

Veterans of Steam have learnt to avoid those pesky season sales. Why? Because according to the law of the infinite backlog, one does not simply purchase any additional games unnecessarily… or something like that. Trust me, I’m a scientist*!

Seriously though, those who have been on Steam long enough are basically guaranteed to have a library filled with many untouched titles. That backlog exists only because it’s essentially impossible to say no to cheap games… IMPOSSIBLE – and that right there is fact.

You’d think we all would’ve become immune by now, learnt to say no, and especially learnt to avoid being suckered into really good deals. Apparently not, because, big surprise, the recent Steam Winter Sale was a huge success (via PC Gamer):

At least 46 million copies of games found their new owners during Steam Winter Sale. And it only includes those games that sold over 1,000 copies, as smaller changes are barely detectable by Steam Spy. That’s 50% more compared to Steam Summer Sale.

If we assume that all of those games were sold on Steam (it’s probably not the case because of bundles and third-party stores) and account for regional pricing, we can conclude that Steam Winter Sale brought at least $270M in revenue.

It was noted in the original blog post that these statistics above were gathered using Steam Spy, meaning they are not 100% accurate. Valve confirmed the Winter Sale’s success though, in a blog post of their own. Popular, well known games sold well, but so did all the others.

As with past years, popular hits continue to sell well during major sales events. But what about the thousands of other titles on Steam?

We looked at performance of the group of games outside of the Top 500 in revenue terms. This group collected 35% of product page traffic during the sale, which is over 4x their share of traffic from the previous winter sale. And these weren’t just idle views–we also saw 45% growth in the revenue generated by this group of games as compared with the last winter sale.

We have no idea just how much the revenue grew with regards to triple A titles. Seeing as Valve is filled with a ton of other games though, that grew by 45% in revenue… well, you can bet that almighty Gaben is smiling from ear to ear with all the money that is rolling in.

Did you buy anything in the Steam Winter Sale? I resisted so well, so so so well, right up until the last day. I grabbed Life is Strange, and… the entire Star Wars franchise because REASONS. My backlog is looking nice and healthy… and pretty much unfinishable these days.


Last Updated: January 12, 2016

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