Take 2’s Top Selling Gaming Items of 2010 – What’s an Xbox?

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Last month we ran a post detailing the top selling games of 2010 from popular e-tailer Kalahari.net. From their list, one thing was clear; Though locally, PC is still king – as far as console software sales are concerned, Sony’s PS3 is indubitably the biggest money maker, far outpacing its HD competition.

In the comments from that article, loyal Xboxers derided it for not being fully indicative of local sales trends. Take 2 have released their own top 25 – and surprise, surprise..they’re very similar. Their biggest selling game was also Starcraft II – and the rest of their list also features a conspicuously sparse amount of Xbox games. In fact, the only Xbox related item featured is the 250Gb HDD, with nary an actual game in sight. For comparison, 7 of the 25 top selling game related items were PS3 games.

This is curiously incongruent to the USA, which sees Xbox software sales much higher than PS3 counterparts, and at last count there were more Xbox 360’s sold in Sa than PS3’s. Have they all failed, giving up their red lights of death, or is Xbox piracy is South Africa much, much larger than we imagine?

Take 2’s Top 25 after the jump.

  1. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (PC DVD-ROM / Mac)
  2. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition (PC DVD-ROM)
  3. World of Warcraft 60 Day Pre-paid Game Card European Server Version (PC)
  4. Call of Duty: Black Ops (PC DVD-ROM)
  5. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Expansion Pack (PC)
  6. Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)
  7. Frontlines:Fuel of War (PC DVD-ROM)
  8. Medal of Honor: Limited Edition (PC DVD-ROM)
  9. THQ Ultimate Box Set (9 Game Pack) (PC DVD-ROM
  10. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat (PC DVD-ROM)
  11. PlayStation Network Card R200 (PS3/PSP)
  12. God of War 3 (PS3)
  13. FIFA 2011 (PS3)
  14. Official XBox 360 Hard Drive (250GB)
  15. God of War 1 + 2 Collection (PS3)
  16. EA Classics: Mass Effect 2 (PC DVD-ROM)
  17. Mass Effect 2 (PC DVD-ROM)
  18. Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening Expansion Pack (PC DVD-ROM)
  19. Comfy – Easy PC Keyboard (includes First Steps CD in the Package)
  20. OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast (PC DVD-ROM)
  21. Super Hits: Civilization IV Complete Collection (PC DVD-ROM)
  22. Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3)
  23. 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa (PS3)
  24. Red Dead Redemption (PS3)
  25. Mass Effect 2 Collector’s Edition (PC DVD-ROM)
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Source : Take 2

Last Updated: December 21, 2010

Geoffrey Tim

Editor. I’m old, grumpy and more than just a little cynical. One day, I found myself in possession of a NES, and a copy of Super Mario Bros 3. It was that game that made me realise that games were more than just toys to idly while away time – they were capable of being masterpieces. I’m here now, looking for more of those masterpieces.

  • It’s a conspiracy against people… and stuff…

    In reality it’s actually pretty depressing to see how hard the Xbox 360 has been hit by piracy. No wonder we are struggling to get the same specials and bonus content that the rest of the world is given.

  • Fred

    Oooh , don’t tell Microsoft they are being screwed by South Africans.

  • Uberutang

    What goes around comes around.

    However gaming piracy is not that high, according to this:

  • Antoine

    Actually, I think that Xbox games are mostly bought 2nd hand (which is what I do) as I feel they’re too expensive when they’re new. I also wait until they’re on sale and buy then (at Musica/Look ‘n Listen) and don’t really buy them online. What’s interesting is that the PC is supposed to be the most pirated format yet it has the highest sales!

  • Antoine

    Actually … another reason entirely for the lack of Xbox titles is probably because there are so many titles to choose from that sales are spread across all the titles and no single title can garner huge sales while the PS3 tends to have fewer popular titles and so it can work its way up the best-seller list. Also, if you have a look at the list of games Take2 has sold in the list you’ll see a number of budget games (Outrun 2006????) and limited edition games (which is Take 2’s market).

  • Milesh Bhana

    SA has always been Sony territory so i’m not surprised that PS3 beat XBOX.

    I am surprised that PC sales are still booming though, i mean sure, i expected SC2 and WoW:C to top the lists, but not the others.

  • Nic Simmonds

    Antoine, your last point doesn’t explain why Red Dead Redemtion, Fifa, and Black Ops all sold better on PS3 than on 360.

    PS3 sales went crazy in SA following the release of the Slim, and from what I have heard, there are simply more active PS3s in SA than 360s. That, coupled with more piracy on the 360 explains the situation.

    What I don’t get, is why people are buying WoW subs from Take2. Surely if they are buying from Take2, they have a Master/Visa card, and can just by direct from Bliz? Unless the majority of those sales are EFT?

  • Just because people pirate other things more doesn’t make gaming piracy low

  • Fox1

    Most local Xbox gamers are (ex)PC gamers.

  • Fox1

    So why they never release sales figures? For the PC version of Blops to outsell the console version means consoles are on the decline in SA :blink:

  • eyesuc

    these are only take2 stats, right? how do their stats compare to kalahari? in terms of traffic, kalahari seems miles ahead: http://trends.google.com/websites?q=kalahari.net,+take2.co.za&date=all&geo=all&ctab=0&sort=0&sa=N

    i wonder if their sponsored forum (ps3za) has any influence in sales.

  • Aussious

    This again… As I said last time and I’ll say it again If this was the case then it would be reflective everywhere in retail yet this is not the case, if you want a real reflection of the actual numbers survey retailers such as Zapps,BT Games and gameXchange. Then aswell theres your mainstream retailers aswell such as look & listen, musica, incredible connection etc…

  • This pattern is apparently repeated all over… if someone knows a large retailer where this pattern isn’t the case we would love to hear about it.

  • RSA-Ace

    Why can’t we say the same thing about PC gaming?

  • BHW

    I think piracy is a very big problem for the 360. I know more 360 owners than ps3 owners but a large chunk (myself Excluded) have had their machines “cracked”. In fact I often hear it touted as a selling point ” Get the Xbox you can have it chipped” . The PS3 owners on the other hand are active gamers who buy games on a regular basis.

  • Unfortunately we can but the PC market is just that much bigger than the 360 market.

  • Joe

    Doesn’t the fact that the XBox 360 HDD IS in the top sellers say it all? Why would people buy the HDD and not the games? :pirate:

  • As I posted before as well, the lack of Xbox 360 games sales are also reflected by the amounts of stock our various suppliers hold as well. In general they carry about 50% less of the same title on Xbox 360 when there is a multi-platform release.

    It does look like Sony has won this round in the console wars in SA at least. We’ll see what happens in a few years time when the next generation of consoles hit the market.

  • If you extend that list to the top 50 you still won’t see any Xbox 360 games. There are 19 PS3 games in the top 50.

    The first Xbox 360 on the list is FIFA World Cup at #63.

  • MieLLiePaP

    I work in a Game Shop and the top selling games in store is Xbox 360 games. I think if Lazy got the top 10 sales from gaming stores then u would see loads of Xbox sales.

  • Fred

    Come on xbox pirates – support the industry , some of the games are really worth paying for. And you can sell or trade them afterwards to make up for the initial spend.

  • MieLLiePaP

    also a big example from the shop that i work in, when Call Of Duty Black Ops came out, we sold only 34 PS3 games from this shop….but we sold 71 Xbox games….That must tell you something!

  • Perhaps Xbox 360 gamers don’t know how to use the Internet to shop online? :unsure:

    This still does not answer the question what the suppliers who actually supply all the retailers in SA, be it online or brick and mortar, only order about 50% for Xbox 360 compared to PS3?

  • Piet

    Because, it wouldn’t make sense that the xbox 360 just isn’t selling in South Africa? It just has to be because of the pirates? So what about piracy on the PC, SURELY if South Africa is such a haven for pirates, PC games wouldn’t be selling that much?

    Stop spinning it guys, just admit it, NO ONE in SOUTH AFRICA except for a bare minimum (in other words, you guys – a handful) are still buying xbox 360 games.

    Xbox 360 is dead in SA! Everyone who works at retail knows this.

  • piet

    Kak! I work for one of the distributors and retailers are struggling to sell their xbox stock. Now you can say, it’s because of piracy that they are not selling. I say it’s because xbox is dead. If your one shop is selling xbox good for you but the truth is I can name more than a dozen guys in different cities who are just not seeing huge sales on xbox 360 games anymore.

  • MieLLiePaP

    LOL….u sound like a PS3 fanboy…..the point is Lazy must get the top selling games not from Take 2 but from the entire country, that includes BT Games,Games-Xetra,Zaps etc, then lets talk again!

  • MieLLiePaP

    I wanna make another point…..check out this website: http://www.vgchartz.com/yearly.php ,here you will see the top selling games for the year of 2010 “WORLDWIDE”. and xbox is above ps3….CHECK IT OUT :tongue:

  • piet

    Moenie kak praat nie man. Dit klink vir my asof jy n fanboi is (selfs lazygamer ignoreer VG Charts want hulle weet VG-hulle post kak as feite). Ek het al drie… Wii, Xbox en PS3 (en om die waarheid te se ek ondersteun al drie), maar miskien weet jy nie, maar Wii is nog steeds bo-baas.

    So.. houtkop, hoeveel xboxes het jou pa al vir jou gekoop?

  • MieLLiePaP

    LOL Piet, goed gese :cheerful: , yip Wii is on top, but my point is Lazy must get a list from the entire Country and not just Take 2…..oh and by the way i buy my own stuff, not my dad…..and yes, im on my second Xbox now…..but still loving it 😎

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