Take-Two Execs Explain GTA IV Delay

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As you have heard by now GTA IV has been delayed until Q2 2008… The execs over Take-Two have been attempting to explain this delay to the restless mob by way of a conference call…

The reason it was pushed back is

almost strictly technological problems… not problems, but challenges

And when asked which consoles fault this was

I know there have been rumors in the marketplace about frame rate and some other issues. We don’t think it’s helpful or beneficial to go into exact details of what the technological issues are. We’re pushing the envelope on both the platforms

Well the marketplace is the Xbox 360’s online store so it must be the 360’s fault… but frame rate issues have been plaguing the PS3’s sporting games so it must be the PS3’s fault…. This is not fair. We need a console to flame.

One side of the console war is losing out because the other side is not coming to the party…. Anyway when asked about the exclusive episodic content planned for the 360 in March and whether or not this will change that we get the answer.

We’re not gonna send money back to Microsoft. That’s not part of the deal.

So are we getting the episodic content before the game now? That would be an original if not stupid approach 🙂

Link to Take-two Interactive: Take-Two Execs Explain GTA IV Delay – Kotaku

Last Updated: August 3, 2007

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