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TeamXbox – Red Faction: Guerilla Hands On Preview

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Remember Red Faction? It promised the world in terms of being the first game to feature true destructible terrain.

The new Red Faction, titled Guerilla, seems to be looking to feature true destruction (for real this time) that will make Battlefields destructible terrain and structures look like child’s play. The preview states that not only will you be able to level an entire building, but that the structures have multiple layers that can be blown away and seen as well.

[Thanks Doobiwan]

The game is also going to feature an open world and even Mechs! Will this game also disappoint? Well, it’s beign developed by Volition, known for their work on Saints Row and with the experience that they have gained in the recent years, we may actually be seeing a good title.

I just hope that the games isn’t so focused on the technology that once the novelty wears off we will only be left with some sort of B-Grade action title.

Check out the Hands-On-Preview and see for yourself by clicking here.

Last Updated: July 22, 2008

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