Ten more characters that Disney Infinity needs

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I spent my weekend playing around with Disney Infinity, and I’ve pretty much enjoyed the experience so far. While I still need to prepare a review for that game, I also need to prepare my bank account so that I can grab more of those figures. And if Disney ever releases these characters, well then I might have a spleen or two for sale soon.


Disney (6)

There are already trace elements of Tron in Disney Infinity (Damn roulette, land on the Recognizer already!), but I want more. And after having been exposed to that superb Uprising cartoon and pretty decent Legacy sequel, I can just picture Tron assets fitting in perfectly with the Infinity toybox.

Just picture a light cycle races, Arena games and that entire artistic style of the grid, with a character that is equal parts kickass and cool. That sounds like an easy sell for me, and I’m hoping to see at least one Tron character make their way into wave three of the figures for Infinity.



This one is a no-brainer. If I had to ask you which Marvel hero you’d want to see in Ininfinity, it’d cause your brain to explode when trying to decide between Iron Man, Thor and Hulk. But going for the villain that everyone loves?

Now that’s where the money is. And I’d bet most of it that Loki figures wouldn’t even be bought by Infinity gamers, but rather by the legions of Loki acolytes out there.



Hey Disney, allow Tarzan into your game, and you’ll be in my heart. Yes you’ll be in my heart from this day and forever more if you allow the man-ape to swing in and save the day. I remember back when the Tarzan animated film first released, it had a pretty decent tie-in game.

And if I can recreate it for myself in Infinity? Why, just take my hand and hold it tight as we slide down some trees and grab a few vines.

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Disney (9)

Let’s get down to business, to talk more about this particular game world. Unlike Brave which was overrated fluff that somehow beat Rise of the Guardians for an Oscar, Mulan got the empowerment message right the first time.

But even if you don’t read into that, it’s still a fun film with some fantastic design and artistic influences. And throwing that into the Disney Blender could make a man out of yoooooooouuuuuuu okay I’ll stop with the song references now.

Han Solo

Disney (2)

Who’s the coolest character in Star Wars? Luke Skywalker? Please, he’s a whiny jerk that kissed his own sister. Darth Vader is a fat guy in black leather and Boba Fett pretty must just stands around and pretends to be cool.

Nope, Han Solo is the man who we all wanted to be when we grew up. Rough, tough and ready to shoot first no matter what George Lucas will tell you, he’s the man with a plan, a best friend who sheds and a spaceship that can do a Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. Why the hell isn’t he in Disney Infinity already?

Robin Hood

Disney (5)

This is a personal retro favourite of mine. If there’s one Disney film that I’ve seen way too many times, it’s Robin and not Blackbeard’s Ghost. And with a list above that comprises mostly melee fighters in the Disney Infinity line-up, you’re going to need a crafty archer who’ll steal your gold and redistribute it to the poor in a form of communism that doesn’t shaft the ordinary man on the street.

Just the rich bastard its stolen from.


Disney (1)

Can you paint with all the colours of the wind? I can, but only the browns. The less said the better. Pocahontas may have been about as historically accurate as the Hansie Cronje movie, but it still showed audiences what bold artistic vision, story choices and ambition could accomplish in animation. And that’s something that could only benefit Infinity in the long run.

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Tigger is pretty much the Wolverine of Disney, except that they own him. He’s the best there is at whatever he does, and that includes getting Pooh Bear’s fat ass out of yet another jar of hunny honey. But he’s the kind of childhood character that everyone loves, and if Perry the Platypus can be present to attract current demographics, then Tigger should be an easy sell for those of us feeling nostalgic.

Because that’s what Tiggers do best.


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I’m cheating a little here, but if Disney wants to expand the racing side of Infinity, then they need to make a plan to bring back MotorCity. It’s the Avengers of cartoons set in future dystopian worlds where cars are outlawed and freedom is a taboo. And it’s the kind of cartoon that was so damn good, it was cancelled after one exciting season.

But bringing Mike Chilton and friends into the Infinity circle could breathe new life into a franchise that deserved a better reception than what it got.

Benjamin Franklin Gates

Disney (3)

I’m going to be honest here: I just want a Nicolas Cage inaction figure in the same style as what happens to be on my Disney Infinity platform right now. And next to Ghost Rider, this is the best possible choice that Disney has to make my dream a reality.

Last Updated: August 26, 2013

Darryn Bonthuys

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  • Admiral Chief Raider of Tombs


  • Admiral Chief Raider of Tombs

    Some really cool characters here!

  • Wtf101


    • Major Commodore 64 Darryn B

      Goofy can go get stuffed. HYUK!

      • Wtf101

        As can Disney Infinity! Even if there is no Goofy, how can they not have Donald Duck?! Quackshot!

        • sabooly

          lets all face it donald duck and goofy are iconic disney characters there is like a 500% chance that we will get these characters by the end of 2014

      • Wtf101

        Oops. I downvoted you. Not by mistake! HYUK HYUK!

  • Ultimo_Cleric N7

    Yes Tron.
    And the Prince of Persia?

  • RinceThisandbeAbsurd

    Cage? BWAHAHAH! And Darryn, you have two spleens? 0-O

    • ThatManOverThere

      Maybe he does, all we know for sure is that he is not Batman (Bennie is)… he may have been implying that he will sell other people’s… Like them co-workers of his… ;P

      • RinceThisandbeAbsurd

        This is true. Though he’d have to hide the source of the spleen. From following the drinking habits of Gavin at GamesCon for instance, no one in their right mind would want anything second hand form him 0-O

  • Hammersteyn

    Every game needs Nicolas Cage!

    • RinceThisandbeAbsurd

      Yeah, but he should be an unlockable end boss!

      • Hammersteyn

        Also needs to be Crazy Cage.

        • RinceThisandbeAbsurd

          There’s a sane Cage!?

          • Hammersteyn

            Bwhahahaha, Con Air Cage comes to mind but we rarely see the sane one. Imagine he did play Superman back in the day. I picture him more of a Lex Luthor type.

  • CaptainNemo42

    I’m pretty sure Disney will milk this until its dry. It’s almost a licence to print money.

    I’ll bet good money we will see almost all of these characters eventually, bar maybe Nic Cage. And a side bet, we won’t see Star Wars characters until much closer to the new movie releases.

  • Anon A Mouse

    Scrooge McDuck or I’m not playing…

  • Vampyre Squirrel

    Chances are… the next Star Wars game will be Star Wars Infinity, so that’ll be the only way you get Han Solo

  • Sageville

    I bought the Disney Infinity stuff for my kids, it’s pretty cool.

    One thing I do like is when you buy new figures they come with a PC unlock code, so in October they will release a PC version for free and you can use the figures from your console purchases on the PC platform as well.

    • Name

      Playing around with Virtualy-inserted Wannabes in a “restricted” Toybox instead of having physical figures on a Base like on the Consoles, doesn’t really sound that admiring to me and furthermore, it kinda takes the whole “Infinity” Concept away as there will be no Power Discs involved as well.
      So even if i play a couple of good Video-Games on the PC, i will for sure give it a miss on that Platform and stick to my PS3 and maybe later on PS4/XBOX ONE Version of the Game. (if it’s gonna come out)
      But yeah, no wonder that the PC get’s a kinda “butchered” Version of the Game, too many Crackers and File-Sharers are out there these days and Disney Interactive seems to be well aware of the fact that someone would just figure out how to unlock all the Content on the PC via a single Crack/Hack, so the Players would never have to buy one single extra figure or Playset again and the Company for sure doesn’t want that, so instead they just release a Virtual Toybox on the PC and nothing else – Smart Move actually.

  • bob

    is loki even Disney???? and if he is then they need thor to

    • Kromas

      Disney owns Marvel and all rights marvel has not signed away (spiderman for instance) so yeah they own avengers.

  • bob

    like seriously

  • bob


    • Name

      Yes seriously – and since they bought all rights from Lucasfilm Ltd. too, they own all kind of Star Wars and even Indiana Jones-Products as well.
      So imagine what kind of figures they would be able to release for Infinity, if they ever decide to go for those licenses as well, just to expand the Game even further – Happy times aboard!

  • Vudou Badger

    Dr. Facilier from princess and the frog and mama odi

  • Nathan Forester

    The Beast needs to be in there.

  • sabooly

    nicolas cage figure as benjamin franklin gates one of my favorite diney movies added to this game would make me lovethis game forever

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