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Tencent is placing a limit on game time for children in China

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The time for gaming being called a waste of time is long past, but you cannot deny that long-term playing may have negative effects on children. League of Legends owner Tencent is bringing measures to China where accusations about children playing games too long has sparked discussions around the country.

The self-imposed rule isn’t subject to League of Legends only, but prohibits children under the age of 12 from playing the mobile MOBA King of Glory for more than one hour a day and they will not be able to play games at all after 9pm. Children above the age of 12 will be given two hours to play Tencent’s mobile hit King of Glory.

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ECNS broke the news regarding Tencent’s plan, which highlighted parental concern of time spent playing and the amount of money being spent on the game. The game is easily the most popular game in China with millions of users. The plan is to teach children to balance their time instead of spending hours playing games.

“Despite its popularity, Honor of Kings would also exert negative impact on the minors who fail to control themselves and play overtime,” the developer behind the game says. Tencent will also cap the amount of money adolescents can spend in their games.

This somewhat mimics a similar rule passed in South Korea in 2011, known as the “shut down” law which prohibits gamers under the age of 16 from playing between 12AM – 6AM.

Video game addiction is a real issue, even in South Africa, and extreme measures like this will filter down throughout other regions where there is an evident showing of the addiction. South Africa is luckily still relatively new and we’re able to learn from these other regions, for now.

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Last Updated: July 5, 2017

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