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Terra Nil looks like a reverse city-builder, demo coming on June 16

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Terra Nil

Free Lives, the studio that made the 1980s cool with BroForce and introduced the world to the joy of Genital Jousting, is going for a more relaxing approach in its next game. Sort of. Called Terra Nil, the concept is easy enough to understand: The planet has been blighted by all manner of catastrophes, and it’s up to you to introduce some green to the scorched landscapes of the world, restoring it to near-mint condition. Nature is healing, with a little bit of help from you.

“The open-ended strategy progresses through multiple stages of restoration, including cultivating biodiversity, fixing the climate and even recycling the buildings players used to get there,” the game’s description reads.

Traverse the planet, restoring different geographical regions, each with their own unique challenges, flora, and fauna. Navigate sprawling, procedurally generated maps with lush hand painted environments where everything but the rocks move and breathe. Restore the world’s climate, with unique weather patterns for different regions and a beautiful and meditative reactive soundtrack and audio palette.

It’s an interesting change of pace from your regular city-building simulation, where you usually have to demolish nature to make way for metropolitan structiures. The fact that every small victory of restoring nature to pristine condition is met with a flurry of leaves or a splash of water, is just such a neat little touch to help motivate you towards restoring the planet. You can even try a demo out on June 16.

Devolver Digital will be publishing the game, and you can probably expect to see more of it at the big ol’ fancy before-E3 showcase from the company. Will the latest Devolver Digital showcase end with more blood and carnage yet again? Probably, but that’s why I love those fantastic piss-take events. Onward friends, to the future’s future!

Last Updated: June 8, 2021

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  1. Craig Lotter

    June 8, 2021 at 07:51

    I genuinely love the look of this!


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