TGS 2010 : Xbox 360 Getting New Fire-Pro Wrestling – With Avatar Support

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More surprising news from Microsoft at TGS this year. As some of the more frequent readers may know, wrestling games are a guilty pleasure of mine. One of my favourites growing up was the fire pro wrestling series on the SuperFamicom (Japan’s version of the SNES). It’s a series of games well known in Japan for having incredibly deep gameplay and a host of character customisation options. Later version of the game were released in the west

Unlike a more popular,well known wrasslin’ series, it doesn’t only focus on that “sport entertainment” nonsense, spanning styles like Mexican luche-ibra, Japanese puroresu, shoot fighting and mixed martial arts too.

The game will be developed by Spike – who took over the franchise from Human in 2000 – and instead of it being a full retail release, it’ll be an Xbox Live Arcade release. It’ll also feature avatar support, meaning you get to dress your virtual mini you up like a clown, and beat your friends’ graphical representations of themselves.

Hopefully it’ll continue to have the deep gameplay and customisation the series is know for. while I think it’ll be fun to pummel avatars, I’m not entirely convinced by their inclusion. Seems a little too cutesy. Still, I’m excited.

Last Updated: September 16, 2010

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