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Thank the Traveller! Supers will recharge quicker in Destiny 2

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Look, I’m wearing a lab coat and slippers this morning so there’s only one way to start this post: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! If you were getting a tad bit miffed that the Destiny 2 beta had your Guardian recharging his super ability slower than a smartphone connected to a dodgy USB-C cable, then fret not: Your ultimate ability to hurl devastating blades of solar energy and Leeroy Jenkins your way into a melee with a Arc-charged shield is going to be sped up.

Supers were ridiculously slow to charge in the Destiny 2 beta, but seeing as how that build was already several months old when players got a chance to get their hands on it, some changes have been made. “In the wake of the beta, we’ve made a few changes that will increase super regeneration across the game,” game director Luke Smith said to IGN.

In Destiny you build a character with a bunch of powers, abilities, and we hope, a combat rhythm that is consistent across the game. By the time beta was live, the team had already been playing a pretty different version of the PvE tuning from our couches (grenades are more powerful, kinetic/energy weapon damage improvements, power ammo economy refactor).

We’ve also made tons and tons (and tons) of changes of varying sizes that is a function of closing down a video game (we’re almost done!).

That’s just one of several tweaks that’ll be present in Destiny 2, alongside other fixes like beefier grenades and more balanced weapon drops. Another new aspect of Destiny 2 is its armour, gear which can now be augmented to be heavier on defense or increase your agility. “With each piece of armour, the design team considered its visuals before assigning stats to it,” Smith said of the cosmetics.

For instance, armour that looks thick and defensive armour is assigned the Heavy designation, which prioritizes Resilience and Recovery. Our goal with Resilience, Recovery, and Mobility is that these are stats players can feel while they are playing, e.g., a High Mobility Warlock running a Lightweight weapon is going to zoom around the battlefield more than a Warlock who has prioritized Resilience or Recovery.  Adding additional Resilience, Recovery, or Mobility to a piece of armour is just one use for the much-discussed mod slot on armour in Destiny 2.

I’m quite happy about the super news, which is just…well, super. I’ve got a fondness for games which feed into my power fantasy, something that Destiny has done brilliantly over the years. Supers are very much the sum total of the power fantasy in Destiny and its sequel, and we’re only scratching the surface of what the new subclasses can do ahead of the full launch in September.

Hopefully the Hunter’s Golden Gun is also getting a damage boost, because Daddy needs to fill his hand with some solar iron and fan that beauty some more. Yes, I like westerns.

Last Updated: July 31, 2017

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