That interview came from the moon! We talk Destiny at Gamescom

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I was booked in for an hour of hands-on with Destiny at Gamescom, and I was excited to get to play something new; some little bit of hitherto unseen bit of Destiny, and share that experience with all of you. My excited turned to disappointment when I sat down in my session, only to realise I’d be playing bits from the beta again.

And then that disappointment eroded, when I realised I would spend the next hour playing bits from the beta again. I unfortunately don’t have anything new to share with your regarding Destiny;  I assembled a fireteam with the chaps from Gamerspack and took to the moon to assault its bases and find its hidden caverns for the the second time – which seemed a far better thing to do than get lost in the crowds at Gamescom. I really was hoping to play with a character beyond the level 8 available in the beta, but it was not to be.

I did, however, have a quick chat with Bungie community manager David Dague – known to the internet as DeeJ –  who had a few things to say about the game. Most notably, he explained why you should play it, what pressure Bungie faces now that the game is the most pre-ordered new IP, along with a few words of commiseration for those who’ve poured hours and hours in to the Destiny beta, only to find out that their beta characters will forever be lost in the digital ether.

Destiny will be hitting your new and old gen consoles in the face on September 9.

Last Updated: August 18, 2014

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