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That One Game….

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There are certainly games out there that we can consider “generation-defining”, their impact on the industry and on the zeitgeist of gaming is without question. I only need to mention Half-Life, Gears of War, or The Last of Us, Halo, or the original Starcraft. Recently, we can even add the phenomenal Ghost of Tsushima to this list; these are games that transcend mere entertainment and even venture into the territory of being actual works of modern art.

But, there’s always that one game, a game that doesn’t necessarily tick all the boxes of a “generation-defining” title, but for some reason, you always find yourself returning to it. It might be your “guilty pleasure”, a title that you don’t necessarily tell your friends about because you might consider it to be a little embarrassing. It might even run counter to your (well-crafted) gaming persona; the hardcore battle-royale superstar…. or the cerebral RTS grandmaster.

I know a few of you reading this might be thinking about the Sims or Fortnite, but my “guilty pleasure” has always been Warframe. I’ve been playing it since 2013; I’ve seen it change over the years, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. There have been frustrating changes that left me scratching my head, but I’ve also seen Digital Extremes make amazing additions to the game. And yet… it’s remained my “guilty pleasure“. The game I return to after completing a triple-A title, or a work project, or even after taking a short break from gaming – in general.

It’s also a title that I’m aware doesn’t resonate with everyone. Not everyone understands the appeal of the way of the Tenno, or why you’d want to be a “Space Ninja”. Initially, especially in the early days, the game wasn’t accessible to beginners, but, after multiple updates over the years, it’s probably a lot more accessible now than it’s ever been. On the other hand, the sheer amount of content and features may be intimidating to those, who merely seek a quick game to pass the time or would rather not farm or grind towards specific items, gear, or even Tenno frames.

But it is my “Go-To” game, my “guilty pleasure” … which leaves me to wonder, what’s yours, fam? Now’s the time to share.

Last Updated: July 8, 2021

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