That’s a lot of WoW in this Warlords Of Draenor collector’s edition

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Well that was a horrible pun. World of Warcraft’s next expansion drops it like its hotter than a Burning Legionaire on November 13. If you’re looking to add something extra to your purchase, then here’s the collector’s edition for the expansion that will probably have you shouting for the hoard.


Physical goodies:

  • The expansion – Physical DVD version
  • Behind-the-scenes DVD and Blu-ray two-disc set – Gives you an inside look at the expansion’s development, including over an hours’ worth of commentary and interviews
  • Soundtrack – The full orchestral soundtrack on CD
  • The Art of Warlords of Draenor – A special 160-page artbook with concept art, finished images, and CG images
  • Blackhand mouse pad – Special edition mouse pad featuring art of the warlord Blackhand

In-game stuff:

  • World of Warcraft Dread Raven Mount and Dread Hatchling Pet
  • StarCraft II Portraits
  • Diablo III Warsong Pennant
  • Hearthstone Card Back

That’s a pretty decent pack right there. The USA retail price for that collector’s edition happens to be around $90, so expect a local release that hits the R1000 plus mark. We’ve had a pretty good track record so far seeing these special editions enter the country, so I’m pretty confident that we’ll see this one ship as well. Also, I want that art book. I may have way too much love for whatever fine ass art that the crew at Blizzard can crank out. Seriously, that art should be hanging in museums, right next to presumably terrified renaissance paintings.

In the meantime, why not enjoy that delightful trailer again?

Last Updated: August 18, 2014

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