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The 3DS gets its own error screen

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Some early adopters of Nintendo’s shiny new glasses-free 3DS have discovered that the system crashes – and when it does it does it properly, forcing a hard reboot.

There’s no single game responsible for causing the error – tentatively called the “Black Screen of death”   – that’s reminding some people of the infamous Red ring of death that plagued early Xbox 360 hardware, and still causes niggling doubt in consumer’s’ minds. this is particularly unusual for usually rock-solid Nintendo hardware.

The 3DS’ black screen of death simply says “an error has occurred,”  suggesting users hold down the power button to initiate a reboot.

Games known to have been running when the error message has popped up include Super Monkey Ball 3D, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars and Rayman 3D. Is this caused by faulty hardware, or hastily made games, rushed to coincide with the system’s release date?

I spent pretty much the whole weekend messing with my 3DS, and haven’t experienced anything of the sort. What about you? Any of you had your 3DS say NO!?

Source : NeoGaf, GoNintendo

Last Updated: March 28, 2011

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