The 3DS is actually outperforming the original DS’ sales

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Nintendo’s new 3D handheld, the 3DS hasn’t done so well at retail. Or at least that’s what we’ve all believed.

Turns out, that’s not exactly true. Sure, its initial momentum wasn’t exceptionally high – but it’s picked up. Guess that huge price drop’s helped then.

According to Nintendo of America’s meaty master Reggie Fils-Aime the device has seen a significant upswing, and has garnered "positive momentum since the digital content came onboard with the eShop, the launch of Ocarina of Time and obviously the price reduction".

"In sales through this past Saturday – 8 months – it has outsold the full 12 months of the original DS. During that 12 months time, the original DS sold 2.37 million and we just surpassed that this past Saturday, so we’ve got real good momentum going into the holidays," he told Time. I’ll admit that although I really, really love my 3DS it’s gotten little playtime. Well, until the release of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart, of course; two games that should certainly help drive 3DS sales over the holiday period.

You can always count on Mario.

Video game media, us included, have painted a pretty doomy, gloomy picture on the 3DS prospects – but it seems that’s just not the case at all. The 3DS continues its reign at the top of the Japanese hardware charts – something that looks likely to continue; the system’s getting Monster Hunter in a week.

Last Updated: December 2, 2011

Geoffrey Tim

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