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The Atom is shrinking his way into Injustice 2

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With 2017 almost over and the rest of the video game schedule looking sparse on a certain genre of fisticuffs, I’m feeling pretty confident in declaring that Injustice 2 is hands down the best fighting game of the year. It’s also the game that keeps on giving (for a price), adding new fighters regularly to its roster.

The next downloadable brawler? None other than super-scientist Ray Palmer, better known in the superhero community as the Atom. Here’s a video of him in action:

So quick observations: Speed and zone control. While the trailer above is brief, it does show off several of Palmer’s special moves that look like they focus on ducking out of harm’s way with quick size-changing skills and popping back up to deliver a few haymakers. Are these parry moves? Because if so, then Black Canary is going to have a rival in the field of counter-combat.

I’ve always dug the character of the Atom. Premiering a year before Marvel came up with their own similar…ant-tagonist fighting hero, the Atom has always been an explorer first and a hero second. It’s just that in his line of super-science, he finds himself often using his knack for science to save the world on a regular basis.

As for how his powers work? Palmer managed to somehow forge pieces of a white dwarf star into a specialised belt that enabled him to contract or expand his size on command while still retaining his original strength level. Never mind the fact that white dwarf stars are one of the densest objects in the universe (unless you look in the mirror ziiiiiiing) and even a sliver of the stuff should be heavy enough to rip your torso off of your spinal column and send it hurtling through the mantle of the planet before you can shout “Chandrasekhar limit.”

That got weird. Anyway, Atom looks awesome and he’ll be out “soon” according to developer NetherRealm.

Last Updated: October 4, 2017

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