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There is a news story doing the rounds at the moment about the infamous South Australian Attorney General, Michael Atkinson, stating that gamers are scarier than bikie gangs.

Apparently a gamer, or possibly 2, have slipped death threats under his door at 2am because he won’t change his stance on allowing R18+ games to be sold in Australia.

Coincidentally he has previously said that if gamers continue to threaten him he will never allow R18+ games to be sold in Australia.

You see this is a man who appears to have an incredibly tenuous understanding of democracy and doesn’t realise that a couple of hundred over the top gamers doesn’t accurately portray an entire sub culture.

But his undemocratic stance doesn’t stop there, this is the man who passed a bill through parliament that prohibits anonymous political commentary on blogs… yes if you want to comment on the piss poor job Mr Atkinson is doing you need to supply us with your full name and address; Mr Atkinson may request these details from us.

Thankfully someone with a brain cell has managed to slap that idea out of him and he will repel the law, after he wins the next election campaign.

He has since launched an attack on a pro R18+ gaming political party accusing them of underhanded tactics and now an anti-R18+ political party has appeared which I am sure will get his full backing.

While there is a big push to allow R18+ games in Australia at the moment I find it hard to believe the law will ever be passed until the dictator of the South is thrown out of office. Until then we can all sit back and laugh at the ozzies… except for those of us in Australia, all we can do is cry.

Last Updated: February 17, 2010

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