The Battlefield 4 beta live today…for some

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If GTA and its online component aren’t your thing, You can start shooting dudes in the face and taking down entire buildings with a squad of strangers in the Battlefield 4 beta, which kicks off today. If you’re a Battlefield 3 premium subscriber, that is. Of course, anybody even remotely serious about Battlefield most certainly is.

The beta takes place on that now famous siege of Shanghai map in both Conquest and Domination modes, giving gamers an early taste of one of the year’s most anticipated modern combat manshoots.

Here’s the when and how of it all goes down, which platforms the beta will be available on, and when they’ll become available.

Exclusive Beta Rollout Times (October 1st):

  • PC: Live now! (yes, you need Origin, but you have it already)
  • Xbox 360 worldwide: 2-6 AM PDT (11am – 3pm SAST) <—get in on that, RIGHT NOW
  • PlayStation 3 (Europe): 7-11 AM PDT (4pm – 8pm SAST)
  • PlayStation 3 (US): 3-7 PM PDT (Midnight – 4am Wednesday SAST)

For those who haven’t jumped on the premium bandwagon, but still want to make buildings crumble, you’ll be able to enter the beta later this week.

Open Beta Rollout Times (October 4th):

  • PC: 1 AM PDT/9 AM UTC (10 am SAST)
  • Xbox 360 worldwide: 2-6 AM PDT (11am-3pm SAST)
  • PlayStation 3 (Europe): 7-11 AM PDT (4pm – 8pm SAST)
  • PlayStation 3 (US): 11 AM PDT (9pm – SAST)

Go shoot things. Me? Much more likely to be found roaming the streets of Los Santos this evening.

Last Updated: October 1, 2013

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