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The Berserk game is living up to its name in this new trailer

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Berserk (3)

Man, I love me some anime lately. Between some experimental and bonkers new series being released, my current marathon of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (ZA WAAARUUUDO!) and not having to worry about Bleach returning for a good while at least, the scene is going plenty strong. And you can throw Berserk onto that list, as the current adaptation of the long-running manga series is stronger than ever and ready to move the story of life after Griffith on.

It’s also why I’m downright excited for that new Berserk musou game. It’s a genre that doesn’t exactly suit everybody, but it’s still hella fun and a brilliant pairing by the looks of things. And if this snippet of new gameplay is anything to go by, Berserk is also going to be one massively bloody game to boot:

A little bit confused by what’s happening up there? Let me break it down for you. Right, you’ve got Guts who happens to benefit from the fact that he’s built like a rugby player and swings around a gigantic lump of iron through demons as if it was going out of style. The weird thing is, having the fortitude of a brick sh**house and all that strength isn’t always enough when you’re facing the hordes of hell.

Guts is unfortunately still human, and requires cunning and solid armour to survive these fights. Like the Berserker armour that he currently wears. Plus side of this armour? Guts happens to feel no pain, the natural limits of a human body are overridden and he happens to be a complete beast who can cut through foes while using the dragonslayer to full and devastating effect.

Berserk (1)

The only downside to this armour, is that it’ll keep Guts fighting until he dies within it as the sensory deprivation that it provides also renders his survival instincts null and void. The armour will also crudely keep his bones in place by piercing his limbs with numerous steel spikes, to ensure that he can stay in tip top fighting condition. But as a perk to be unleashed during tough enemy encounters? It’s looking aces so far.

The Berserk game is out this October in Japan and sometime in the future here in the west, and also features playable versions of Zodd, Schierke, Casca, Judeau and Griffith.

Last Updated: September 12, 2016

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