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The best and the worst of the last week (11 November 2012)

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It’s that time of the week, to see who got the most comments, who looked the best and who was the funniest. Unfortunately  I failed miserably in pretty much all those categories. At least I still have my health. Cough.

Best story

Games can be a powerful tool when it comes to telling stories. Although these days, that story is largely made up of scenarios within which to shoot arab terrorists in an Apple branded country such as iRaq or iRan. And then there’s The Walking Dead, from Telltale games, which puts a new spin on the genre and zombies, with one of the best tales in gaming today, something that Tauriq illustrated quite well earlier this week.

Worst story

Halo 4 has been pretty successful, in the sales department so far. The game is doing well, and for an Xbox 360 exclusive, it’s selling brilliantly for Microsoft. So why not spread that love to PC as well then? Nope, ain’t happening!

ION Header of the week


Rhian Sugden, what a header. And that just about covers that entry, much like her clothing. Zing!

Most popular

Dammit, this was meant to be my week to shine! I thought had the prestigious award for most commented article in the bag with my story about Star Citizen being too visually grand for mere consoles, but noooooo, Geoff had to upstage once me again!

But that’s fine, as I’ll be the Mitt Rommel to his Barry Obama, and concede defeat to his story about Activision making money. I’m a good sportsman in that way. No wait, I’m not. I’m going to go key his car.

Least popular

DOUBLE DAMMIT! I AM NOT WINNING THIS WEEK! Sorry lads, looks like Yolanda being subjected to punishment for a hat trick of least love on a story, will have to wait. This week, it’s my turn to be shamed, as my story about the next Uncharted game not being an Uncharted game, only managed to earn one comment in total.

Best comment

Matt Hurst, you magnificent fiend, you win comment of the week, for striking me in my one weak spot, wordplay. When FIFA gets a patch, you all best pay attention, because that’s where you get a gem like this;

I gave that pitch a patch. Pitches love patches.

Header image of the week


Testicles to my defeats this week, I’m walking out of here with something at least, and that’s the prize for best header! Crytek is going free to play in the near future, and they believe that’s the future of the industry, something which the PS3 could capitalise on, becoming dominant in the process.

And believe it or not, I had an even worse idea in my horrid little mind before I went with a picture of a PS3 giving the pulp fiction treatment to an Xbox 360.

Last Updated: November 9, 2012

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