The best and the worst of the last week (16 November 2012)

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Gentlemen, welcome, to the Legion of Doom! Oh dammit, wrong speech. Ignore that, and the giant bomb that I have pointed at the international Twinkies headquarters! Ahem, gentlemen, welcome to the best and the worst of the last week!

Best story

Is my ego an out of control monstrosity that is oblivious to the destructive criticism that Geoff routinely hurls my way? Quite possibly, yes, but the ego-stroking was well deserved this week, with that DBZ Budokai HD Collection review that I pumped out this week. In fact, you could say that my ego now has a power level of OVER 9000!

Ha! That joke will never get old! NEVER I SAY!

Worst story

We really, really want a sequel to the cult classic that is Beyond Good and Evil. And like a cruel sadist, Ubisoft has released scant new screens and videos of that sequel, as they’ve been Duke Nukeming it up forever now.

Rest assured, such a sequel will arrive. But it won’t be anytime soon, and you can blame Ray-Man for that.

ION Header of the week


I think that it’s safe to say, that out of all the lovely ladies that appeared this week on the site, except for Thursday, Miranda Kerr took the overexposed lighting cake.

Most popular

For some reason, a long-running series of games that releases annually, is good value for money, fun, massively social and has zombies, is popular. Go figure. And while the game may have set new records in the shops this week, Gavin’s day one review was also well received, notching up 62 comments, and once again dashing my chances of receiving the award this week.


Least popular

Sorry Yolanda, you got least comments love this week. While there were a few articles that came close to receiving this infamous award (Phew), hits-wise, Yolanda is in the deep this week, for her racing story on the Iron F.Rieza tournament.

BUT(T)…It’s not a hat trick of failure, so she gets to keep her press card, badge and gun, for the forseeable future.

Best comment

I think there’s something wrong with Old Video Gamer. But truth be told, that’s most likely what makes this digital curmudgeon so damn likeable in the first place. And he put those WTF skills to good use this week, scooping up comment of the week on a cosplay article with this gem;

I’m happy with my Pac Man cosplay. Just need yellow paint because the first naked computer game character eats like me.

Stay awesome, crazy, straight-jacketed and under guard, OVG.

Header image of the week

battlefield3pics BOME2

ASSUMING DIRECT PHOTO-BOMB CONTROL! Oh that Commander Shepard, he’s everywhere these days. It’s crazy! With a Mass Effect 4 on the way, and a snafu with some Call of Duty discs actually being re-labelled Mass Effect 2 discs, Geoff and I are splitting the award this week. Because we’re such nice fellas. Who dig and respect one another, and always offer a helping hand when needed. And when people are looking.

Last Updated: November 16, 2012

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