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The best and the worst of the last week (30 November 2012)

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It’s the end of the week! Gaming for 2012 officially ends today, as a trip to the Rook islands will have to satisfy our appetites until mid-January next year! Until then though, here’s our weekly round up of the best and the worst of the last week! Exclamations! Flu medication gone awry! Hooooooooo!

ION Header


I always like to look for a lady with a little somethin’ special when it comes to weekend IONs, and I think I did just that with the utterly ravishing Melissa Giraldo. Sorry Cruy Cruy, once is enough.

Most comments

Ah Geoff, you master troll you. Despite being overwhelmingly positive about the value-added services of PSN+, Geoff still managed to sneak in one throwaway line, which opened the floodgates for more console debating between fans, resulting in a 68 comment article.

Least comments

Sorry Yomama, you lose! Good to you ma’am! Online gaming may be big round these parts, but comments related to such articles highlighting them? Nope!

Best story

More Dishonored! MOAR! That’s what the fans of the Arkane developed game have been shouting for since the game hit the charts with a blink and then a vanishing act, as publisher Bethesda clearly has some bottled lightning in their hands here. So expect more Dishonored in the future. Also, expect me to gnash my teeth whenever I have to use the American spelling for that game.

Worst story

While it may not be related to gaming exactly, Gavin’s post about the rampant selling out and low morals in the local blogosphere, still remains relevant. It’s time for the local community to stop the practice of mass sucking up, and get back to the ethical side of doing what we do, not because we’re looking for cash, but because we have a genuine love for the industry within us.

Best header


I never thought I’d say this, but…well done Gavin. A quart of snot eh? Well congrats then chief, because you managed to do what Geoff couldn’t…Make my stomach queasy with a header image.

Best comment

Oh hell, I’m a sucker for puns, and the worse it is, the better the giggles that I emit. So well done Tbone 187 and Spectre, for this little nugget of hilarity from our Far Cry 3 competition page;

Tbone 187: I’m afraid winning this will be a far cry…

Specter: *Putting on Sunglasses * Yeeeeaaaah…

Last Updated: November 30, 2012

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