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The best and the worst of the week (05 October 2012)

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Another week, another five days down and dusted. We’ve reached that regular part of the working cycle where we highlight the best and the worst of the week. This week was no less different, with game companies up to their usual shenanigans and tricks. Fortuantely, we had a collection of outlaw comments and renegade header images to report these facts with, and the best are all rounded up right here.

ION Header


Well, this prestigious award certainly won’t go to yesterdays lady, for which I am very sorry about guys. Instead, it’s going to a lovely lady whose name sounds like the initialism for that other sport where guys pound the snot out of each, Emma Mae.

Most Popular

Resident Evil 6 is out this week, and it pretty much has people divided over whether it’s a great action game with undead elements, or an absolutely abysmal rollercoaster of archaic ideas and terrible controls, notching up 76 comments of discussion.

Worst Story

I love cats. I have two, one a ginger mental, the other a feral antagonist who loves attacking anything with a pulse. So when one game developer decided to market their title with a choice of words that made it sound like ignoring their product would result in adorable kitties being euthanised, I immediately had a sad.

Best Story

XCOM is out soon, and even though it may be a niche game that won’t appeal to several demographics, no matter how hard it’s promoted, it’s still an awesome game. And when a game is launched, it has the usual amount of fanfare and trailers attached to it, but XCOM took things a step further, with one awesome interactive video instead.

Least Popular

This week was a tie between myself and Gavin for “least frigs given”, between my retro Karateka post, and his Halo 4: Meet the Cadets submission. After feeding the data through the bat-computer, which totally isn’t a Pentium 386 with a Batman action figure on it, it turns out that Gavin loses today, as his post with 3 comments had the least amount of hits.

Ha ha, I win by the skin of my teeth! Woooooooo!

Comment of the week

We’ve got a lot of regulars that visit the site, and we love you all. Platonically. One such regular is Old Video Gamer, as no one can rant like that man can, and he unleashed all that power this week, with a collection of comments that highlighted the lunacy of game development, using livestock and kitties to do so.

You win an imaginary case of Bells this week OVG, as a possibly not so imaginary straight-jacket.

Header image of the week


Best header this week? That’s easy, as Geoff combined puns, wordplay and female anatomy for one sultry, sexy stab at Sony and their 3D division.

Last Updated: October 5, 2012

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