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The best and worst of the last week (02 Movember 2012)

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Another week has bitten the dust, and what a busy seven days it was. Assassin’s Creed 3 came out, we got festive on an American Halloween event and Movember arrived in full manly force. Here’s a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of the previous week on Lazygamer.net.

Best story

The Wii U got some pricing deets this week, and it is indeed the expensive piece of sort-of next-gen entertainment. Many of us can’t afford it, while some of us can. But then again,you could spend that cash on something else, which I detailed in handy list form for all of y’all. I’m totally buying Maine Coon kittens with my cash.

Worst story

You know what’s great? Darksiders 2. You know what’s not great? A big budget game failing. Darksiders is failing to break even right now, and with developer Vigil Studios saying farewell to Joe Madureira, the man responsible for the signature look of the game, don’t be too surprised if there aren’t any further sequels down the line, for this young, yet doomed, franchise.

ION Header of the week


What can we say about Erica Knight that hasn’t been said before? She’s drop dead gorgeous, people want to marry her and she seems to be incredibly interested in whatever happens to be lurking in her underwear. That spells winning to us!

Most popular

I really, really hate Gavin this morning. For once, I thought that one of my stories would make the cut this week, but oh no, his tale of Halo 4 needing an install stole the show, attracting a chatty total of 64 comments, leaving myself and Geoff to grind our teeth in frustration.


Least popular

Sorry Yolanda, this week is strike two for you. It seems that there was no love for esports last week, as her regular wrap-up was devoid of any love. Our advice? Threaten to cut people’s gentlemen bits off if they don’t comment Yo-girl. That threat works wonders. You should have seen the look on the face of the waiter that served me last night when my father did just that.

Best comment

Regular commenter and Major Commodore 64 leader of the upvote squad, Erwinnnnnnnnnnnnnn, wins best comment this week. Halloween was upon us on Wednesday, and I grabbed one tattooed beauty for the ION that day, a lady who had quite a bit of ink down below. Leaving Erwin to remark;


Well done man, you made me spit my tea out in a laughing fit.

Header image of the week



I’m giving it to Geoff once again, because quite frankly, his Rocky Horror inspired pause was just brilliant, and topped my Cliffhanger one wherein Sly Stallone mangled the English language yet again.

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