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The Best and Worst of the last week (06 August 2012)

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Man, what a week! Nah, not really, because the fairer gender has made it awesome for this nation once again, thanks to a public holiday where we gladly sang their praises. Geoff and Gavin are busy packing for Germany, ready to go to Gamescom to kick ass and drink eine bitte Kolsch. And they’re all out of asses to kick. Here’s a look at the highs and lows of this slightly shorter week that we had.

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The best piece of day-ending eye candy this week goes to the lady who made Monday wonderful, Georgia Jones, and surprisingly not to Taylor Kitsch and his cheese-grating abs, no matter how many death-threats we receive from rabid fans to make it so.

Worst Story

The worst story of this week belongs to some worrying rumours leaking out from Irrational Studios regarding Bioshock Infinite, that paints a grim picture for the game. AT it’s current rate, it might arrive in February, albeit in a quadraplegic style that will have several features missing.

Don’t be surprised if this game ends up being delayed yet again. Maybe Randy Pitchford can give some pointers on how to break the news, and still save face?

Best Story

The best story this week goes to game publisher THQ starting to once again turn a profit, a fact that fills us with joy, as that means that we’ll actually get to play the sequels to Darksiders and maybe Warhammer 40 000 Space Marine, instead of having to watch Activision or EA snap them up in a digital estate auction.

Most Popular

Apparently people like to win stuff, because the post about our favourite gaming points, vouchers and online retailer, EvoPoints, having an anniversary contest, certainly struck a commenting chord with you lot.

Least Popular

It’s a tie between Geoff and his story of THQ actually being super-serial with the Metro 2033 franchise, and Garth with his fantastic review of Kingdom Hearts 3DS, a fun game that no one will play apparently.

Which means that Gavin won’t be scoring a hat trick of least cared for stories this week, apparently.

Comment of the week

I what will be most last bit of trolling for quite a while, I left viewers with a taste of Burt Reynolds and his body moustache, earning me the ire of DecemberMaloy, who gave me the following threatening quote that I simply loved;

ION : I just re-named my dartboard to Darryn Bonthuys

My eyes actually do count as legal triple-7 scoring zones in certain American states.

Last Updated: August 10, 2012

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