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The best and worst of the last week (19 October 2012)

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Friday, Friday gotta get down on…Yeah ok, I’ll shut up. It’s the end of yet another week. Darryn’s not been with us for the past two days – and in an unusual twist of humanity, I’m actually going to admit to missing his presence. Mostly because it means I have to work more, and also have nobody to hurl jocular abuse at all day long. Come back, Darryn! I’ve built up an entire library  of light-hearted, but completely soul-crushing insults to throw your way! Here’s the best and worst of the last week, a post I’d totally have gotten Darryn to do if he was here.

ION Header


The most favouritest ION header this week, probably because it straddled the line between art and erotica nearly as much as you’ve all imagined other things being straddled is Elizabeth Marxs and her lovely glasses.

Most Popular

It seems you all have some sort of weird costume fetish, because the last week’s most popular post – barring the last FFD that generated over 200 comments – was Darryn’s delicious gallery of cosplay from the New York Comic Con.

Worst Story

The worst story? That rubbish like the Wizdish exists. Who wants to walk, for real, in their videogames?

Best Story

My favourite story this week – and it’s a pretty obvious one here – is about the gamer who got caught wrestling, both with his raging hormones and his own fleshy manbits after a live-streamed event. the best thing about it is how blase he is about – because nobody should be ashamed for engaging in a bit of self-love. As long as it’s not, y’know..in a public place where other people can see you.

Least Popular

It gives me a great deal of pleasure to say that Gavin’s once again done the story that’s garnered the least amount of comments – because it irritates the hell out of him. the dubious honour, this week, goes to his post about Mario meeting Princess Peach’s racist parents.

Comment of the week

My favourite comment of the week actually came from our own Brenda, who’s currently prancing about like a fairy in Cape Town. In my article about the Black eyed Peas being sued, accompanied by a rather hilarious image showing an accurate simulation of  “The Black Eyed Peas Experience,” he said:

That poor knife. Sitting all alone in a box surrounded by the Black Eyed Peas.

Header image of the week


There may have been a debate or two about it’s size, or girth, or whatever – but I feel that this delicious picture of a juicy pickle, from the earlier pickle-tickling incident summed the whole thing up nicely.

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