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The best and worst of the last week (21 September 2012)

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Another week, another period of time, done and dusted. We’ve got an extra day to our weekend though, so before you jet off to celebrate your heritage or prepare for a legendary braai, let’s recap on the best and the worst of the last week.


ION Header

You guys really like redheaded beauties. I mean really like them. Which is why our new editorial policy is to photoshop every ION to have red hair from now on. And that’s all thanks to the stunning Arie Rebel, who graced the site earlier this week.

Most Popular

You guys seem to love going back in time to relive the glory days of 8 and 16 bit games, as Gavin’s nostalgia piece racked up a 108 comments this week. Memories were shared, secrets were revealed, and all in all, it was a blast to hear which games were responsible for turning you all into obsessive consumers of digital entertainment and murder simulators.

Worst Story

Without a doubt, for all those people who had made plans to veg out and jam Borderlands 2 over this long weekend, hearing that we would have to wait almost a week extra to get our hands on some physical copies, has left us heartbroken. Blame shipping and logistical issues for that, or grab a knife and stab the ocean in act of vengeance, but you won’t be hearing those familiar dancing cues from Claptrap this weekend on your console.

Best Story

One bit of good news, at least for PS Vita owners, was that Sony was finally scrambling to get even more content on their handheld device, through the application of PS Plus. That means more games, and more apps, and hopefully, much less red tape clusterf—s as well, something which the Vita does not need at all.

Least Popular

And sticking with Sony, a grand total of 3 expletives were given towards Geoff’s post about the Playstation store getting a redesign, as not even a fancy cat header could arouse some interest in it. Of course, Geoff doesn’t give a toss right now, as he’ll be playing Borderlands 2 this weekend, presumably while his facial features morph into that of a troll face.

My visage has already transfigured itself into a permanent FUUUUUUUUUU face.

Comment of the week

Man, you guys do not like having your intelligence questioned, which is kind of what Dishono(u)red is doing by dropping quite a few clues down as you steampunk your way through that magical world.

Our no-prize comment of the week award goes to Tauriq, who summed up why similar games in that genre from years past had no problem with stair-based challenges;

"You can’t go upstairs" – Potential Corpse


Header image of the week


Nothing says bad news like seeing the teary face of James van der Beek, and this truly was a week to be up Dawson’s Creek without a paddle. And while the news of Borderlands 2 being delayed was the real headliner of the week, footie fans were also in for a bit of shock, with clues pointing to PES 2013 also not arriving on time.

Last Updated: September 21, 2012

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