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The best and worst of the last week (28 September 2012)

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We’ve made it to the end of another week! even though it’s been a short week for most of us, it’s till managed to feel longer than Ron Jeremy’s famous member. It is, however, made all the better by the glut of games we’ve been playing…especially Borderlands 2, which finally made its way in to our hands after an annoying delay. Those of you who hate shooting stuff in the face, and quite probably, fun will instead be keeping yourselves busy with FIFA 13 and PES 2013 this weekend. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves – here’s the best and worst of the last week. 

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It’s Borderlands 2 week, so it’s hardly any surprise this lovely siren cosplay was just about everybody’s favourite.

Most Popular

Here’s a surprise! We don’t usually feature competitions as the most popular for obvious reasons – they tend to generate a ton of comments. However, this one had not a damned thing to do with gaming, so i’m throwing it in there. It seems this year’s been a long, tiring one for most of you, and you could all do with a weekend getaway.  Remember, you can still enter – so a holiday could be yours.

Worst Story

DLC is taking over videogames. By itself, that’s not a terrible thing – but there seems to be too much of a focus on it from developers and publishers that it threatens to upset the balance. Nowhere is that more apparent than Forza Horizon’s first batch of DLC costing nearly as much as the game itself.

Best Story

The one that brought me most mirth was a quick little post about what fighting games might be like if they were based on reality, instead of the mystical nonsense they’re all about now. It’s not exactly hard-hitting journalism, but it’s funny – and so goshdern true.

Least Popular

Two articles garnered just two  comments this week – so when a head to head of this nature happens, we take a look at how many hits each has received. It’s with a fair amount of glee that I’m happy to report that my look at how Skylanders characters are created got many more views than Gavin’s look at Halo’s new Promethean weapons.  Awww yeah!

Comment of the week

Our favourite rainbow-flag waving gamer TechniKyle really, really, really wanted to bag himself some tickets to rAge, submitting this:

I’ll wear a boxer shorts with a pineapple print on the front, cover myself in peanut butter and jump into a pile of chicken feathers, so that I can look like a peanut butter chicken wearing a pineapple boxer shorts. Oh and I’ll do the Funky Chicken, cuz what kind of chicken would I be if I didn’t do the funky chicken?

OH! And to piss off other homophobic peanut butter chickens, I’ll walk around with a gay pride flag in my beak…

Little does he know we’re going to hold him up to that promise.

Header image of the week

Is okay Cornelius, you can cry...

Sometimes, somebody uses a picture that so perfectly fits an article, that you can’t help but stare in awe. Today, and for the second week running, that person is Darryn, whose Big moosey pic for this morning’s story about giant breasts is just magical.

Last Updated: September 28, 2012

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