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The best and worst of the last week (3 August 2012)

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HOLY HECK it’s Friday! Already! It’s been a bit of a nasty week; Darryn’s been weirder than usual, Gavin’s been grumpier than usual – and I’ve had mountains of snot volcanoing (totally a verb) out of my face. The impending weekend means two things; I get to drink beer a little earlier today, and it’s time – once again – to take a look at the best and worst of the week.

ION Header

The best header of the week this week has to go to Monika Pietrasinska, (And not the Wookiee; Sorry Garth) who managed, innocuously, I might add, to conjure up images of BDSM.

Worst Story

There really wasn’t very much terribly offensive in the news this week – but the one thing that I suppose got me a little riled was the long suspected fact that that UFO catcher claw machines are engineered to steal your money. that and the fact that Publisher Take Two, despite releasing great games, is in a financial pickle. That said, however, I’ve made an executive decision to say that the worst news this week would be that Resident Evil 6 is going to feature evil hellspawn creature things that should all be dead. All of them. Forever. Oh god, imagine undead spiders? SPIDER ZOMBIES!

That’s a whole month’s worth of nightmare fuel.

Best Story

The best story – not for the amount of attention it received, or because it was breaking news – but because it was a rather enjoyable read would have to be a developer’s insight in to programming for different consoles.

Most Popular

The most popular story this week – though I think that mostly happened because people took to the thread to chat about absolutely everything (and also because I said terrible things about Resident Evil 6 – which for some people seems worse than calling their mums bad words) is the story about Capcom actually making money – thanks to two of the lowest scoring titles on this site; Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Dragon’s Dogma.

Least Popular

For the second week running, Gavin’s managed to get the least number of comments for a story. It seems as if hardly any of you cared that the live-action Halo Warthog kicks ass.

Comment of the week

Without any GT5 (or even Forza news this week we were unfortunately deprived of lans’ particular pearls of wisdom. In his absence – we’ve decided the comment of the week comes from resident erudite troll James Lenoir, on why he’s regularly suckered in to buying CE editions of games.

Truthfully? Because I’m a dumbass with a Peter Pan complex. I don’t need to pay a premium on plastic crap. Most of which are of mediocre quality, and yet I do so. Why? Because I can. There’s no reason why I ordered the Borderlands 2 limited collectors box with the little plastic loot box (and the bobble-head), other than for the fact that I have a credit card, and the impulse control of a cat in heat.

🙁 Sigh! Maybe we need to start a Collector’s Edition Anonymous group?

Last Updated: August 3, 2012