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The Best Games of 2007 According To Metacritic.com

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There is no better way to end of 2007 than taking a look back at the games released this year and finding out which one was best. However everyone always has their own opinion and these lists are always highly debatable.

Which is where metacritic.com comes in, they gather all the review scores handed to games worldwide and aggregate them. So if something scores a 90 on Metacritic it is guaranteed to be a good game….

So which are their games of the year?

Wii – Super Mario Galaxy (97)
360 – Bioshock (96)
PS3 – Call of Duty 4 (94)

And then onto the flops of the year….

Wii – Anubis II (19)
360 – Hour of Victory (38)
PS3 – Golden Compass (38)

So the Wii won the race for the greatest game of the year followed by the 360 and the PS3… The Wii also however had the worst game by far.

It is also interesting to note that the 360 version of Call of Duty 4 scored the same as the PS3 version and only came third on the 360 list. Second was taken by The Orange Box…

The PS3’s second place was Oblivion followed by Rockband and the Wii had Resident Evil 4 followed by Metroid Prime.

That’s it… now onto 2008

The Best Videogames of 2006 – Metacritic.com

Last Updated: December 31, 2007

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