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The Comings and Goings on Xbox Game Pass this July…

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Attention all Xbox gamers!!!

Okay, wait. Let’s try and summon all of them…

I wonder where Pieter is…


If the EGGSBAWKS is your gaming medium of choice, and you make use of their Netflix…erm…sorry…Game Pass feature I have some good and some bad news for you.

First the good news. Six new games will be added to the Game Pass library for you to try out. They are as follows:

July 8

  • Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Cloud)
  • Tropico 6 (Cloud, Console and PEETHEE)
  • UFC 4… Time to moer some okes, eksê (Console)

July 15

  • Bloodroots (Cloud, Console and PEETHEE)
  • Farming Simulator 19… for if you have the urge to plant something. (Cloud, Console and PEETHEE)
  • The Medium (Cloud)

But as for everything in life, Eggsbawks giveth and it taketh…some games are departing the Game Pass library. The following will be bidding Game Pass farewell:

July 14

  • EA Sports UFC….I guess, they were moered dik enough (Console)
  • EA Sports UFC 2 (Console)

July 15

  • Endless Space 2….Errr…not so endless now are we? (PEETHEE)
  • Downwell (PEETHEE)
  • CrossCode (Cloud, Console and PEETHEE)

Well, there you go.

I see you lurking, Pieter, you can come out now.

For those unsure of what Xbox Game Pass is, I hope you get this from under your rock. Game Pass is Microsoft’s games-on-demand service, where you can access a library of games for a small amount of your hard earned dosh every month…kinda like Netflix, but this is Net on the Bawks…get it?

Last Updated: July 8, 2021

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