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The Console War – What’s the Point

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By Philip Dunkley

Console Wars Ignite

So the debate rages on. Which console is better, which one has more power, and which one has the better library of games. Fanboys across the globe wage verbal wars with each other, using sharp edged words and bombs of Fact and Fiction. But the question I ask myself this week is; Is it all worth it, and what’s the point? Every time a game is announced or a new development is mentioned, the response columns and forums fill up with raging attacks about which platform is going to be better, which one will have better frame rate yadda yadda yadda.

Now I know people are passionate about their choice of console or pretty much anything these days, but does it really make any difference if I play games on an XBOX360, PS3 or a Wii. Inherently these consoles are very different in their own rights anyway, and each of the consoles has their own set of pros and cons.

Now I believe the biggest debate always revolves around the PS3 vs. XBOX, and yes these machines are the two powerhouses of the gaming console world, but they have different applications and uses. Yes, they both play games, but the PS3 is also a Blu-Ray Player, and to some people this is a very important feature, especially if that person is into high end setups. Another thing that people overlook on the PS3 is the fact that the PS3 is also able to play Super Audio CD’s, and to an audiophile, this is a very handy little feature, as SACD players are very expensive.

Both the units play games, and from a comparison point of view, the 360 mostly wins this war, but only marginally, and I struggle to tell the difference on most titles.

Console Wars Again I have both consoles, and I have a Wii, and a DS and a PSP, and I love them all. The more gaming consoles that get released, the happier I am, because it means more games at the end of the day, and more money getting thrown into an industry that I am very involved in.

Another thing that seems to be getting lambasted at the moment on the PS3, is the fact that most games coming out have a mandatory install that takes some time. Trust me, had all 360’s come with a hard drive from the beginning, this would be happening on this console as well [ed: Like the original Xbox?], and it’s not a bad thing, as this is eventually going to lead to less wear and tear on the laser units of the consoles, and make them last a hell of a lot longer.

Yes, each person has a right to their own opinion, but let’s fill up the forums and response columns with decent content discussing how cool the game is going to be or not, and what features you would love to see in the games, as the developers look into these columns to find helpful suggestions, but they won’t if they keep coming across hordes of comments about which console is better.

Once again, this is my humble opinion and I would love to hear your guy’s comments about this.

Last Updated: May 16, 2008

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