The console wars are getting out of hand, we are now comparing PS3 exclusives with concept art?

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Killzone 2

I don’t know if anyone saw the flamebait post that did the rounds a few weeks back about how the Killzone characters had 72% more polygons than the Halo Reach characters?

Well it looks like the originators of that article, Split-Screen, are now looking just a little sheepish.

Not only was it strangely fanboy like to post up comparisons from a Alpha release but it turns out that the Halo Reach character used in the comparison wasn’t a character at all.

Rather it was a piece of concept art that someone created to try and get a job at Bungie.

But I guess they will have the last laugh as I will be truly shocked in Halo Reach has better graphics than Killzone 2 when it’s finally released.

Source: TheMindChannel

Last Updated: March 2, 2010

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