The Dark Knight Vs Darth Vader: who would win?

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As a geek, I know we tend to wonder who the best superhero really is. Yes, Batman does win points for being the coolest of them all, but is he the greatest overall? What if he were to take on Darth Vader – the good-guy-Jedi gone OMG-SO-BAD? We could sit and debate this forever! Thankfully, somebody did the hard work for us, bringing the battle of the Dark Knight versus the Dark Side to life.

I do think Darth Vader has the upper hand, purely because he waves his hands and stuff gets done via magic. Batman on the other hand is all about science – gadgets, swishy capes, and a deep voice…he has them all! Can he stand up to Darth Vader though? NEVER TELL HIM THE ODDS!

Here’s the battle of the deepest voices, as envisioned by MachinimaPrime (via Game Informer). Who do you think will win? Place your bets now!

(Vidme link)

HOW IS THIS NOT A MOVIE? Forget Batman Vs Superman, I want to see this! If you watched, what did you think of the ending? Did you back the right character? Which other iconic characters would you like to see do battle?

This is just one of several rad videos that Machinima have put together. One of my favourites is the Deus Ex short film. Be sure to give that, and their other material a gander. You won’t be disappointed!

Last Updated: November 26, 2014

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