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The Deus Ex games of the 2010s are cheap and DRM-free on GOG right now

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In news that I definitely asked for, Deus Ex is going to be on PC soon! WAIT HOLD ON! This isn’t a case of me being slow yet again (wait until you guys hear my scoop about SEGA’s Dreamcast console that will re-establish them as industry heavyweights!), but news that is technically accurate. And as well all know, being technically correct is the best kind of correct.

Rewind the clock to 2010, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution was one of the hottest games of the year. Aside from dodgy boss fights that could be YOLOed with a simple activation of kill ‘em all skill perk, the game had everything. It had legacy to its name, it looked amazing and Michael McCann’s soundtrack was so good that I’m currently making the chef’s kiss emote while I type this.

A couple of years later, Mankind Divided popped up and while it wasn’t as good as Human Revolution, it still had plenty going for it. Two great games, that built further on the foundation that JC Denton explored years earlier in the original Deus Ex title. If you missed out on them, good news! The Deus Experiences of the 2010s have landed on Good Old Games, with a stupidly cheap discount of 85%. For the price of a cup of DRM-free coffee, Wimpy coffee even, here’s what you can own:

There’s a bunch more stuff available in GOG’s Square Enix sale as well, in case you’re interested in adding to your neverending backlog of games to play. I’m legit thinking of grabbing Startopia, a game that made my PC chug like a crap train back in the day. At least now I can play it smoothly on medium settings!

Last Updated: April 30, 2020

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