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The Division 2 is adding a 100-story skyscraper gauntlet mode

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Whenever The Division 2 releases content, it’s bloody brilliant stuff that’s well worth suiting up for. Returning to the slums of Washington DC or New York, trudging through fantastically dirty streets and battling hordes of bullet sponges is good stuff, but it’s the wait between these content drops that turns many a player off from the experience.

The Division 2 is looking to keep players more invested in its world, by dipping into an idea that many a game has used to great effect: Throwing your well-equipped patriotic butt into a tower of escalating challenges. Called Summit, the new mode also takes inspiration from the sprawling labyrinth of deadly design that was the Underground mode and slaps a vertical flavour to the mix as you make your way up a skyscraper that’s filled with numerous goons who want you dead.

So basically, The Raid then.

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You’ll be able to tackle Summit in solo or group action, with each floor and the enemies on it being randomly arranged. A boss battle on the tenth floor is guaranteed to kick your ass, ascension ups the difficulty and you’ll be able to start a new run one floor above the last boss battle that you cleared. Fans have been looking for a new take on Underground for a while now, which originaly tasked Division players with exploration of the infamous New York subway system that had become infested with trigger-happy militia since the collapse of the US of A.

Clues to Summit were uncovered back in May when fans dug through a public test version of the game and discovered audio files related to the mode. So when will it be available? Division 2 players on the PC test servers can try it out from September 4, but an exact date for release hasn’t been revealed just yet. It’ll probably be in a few weeks given past expansion tests, and developer Massive Entertainment confirmed that you’ll be able to shoot your way through a hundred floors of bastards for free if you own the recent and rather excellent Warlords of New York expansion.

Last Updated: September 3, 2020

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