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The Division 2 Warlords of New York expansion has gone live a day early

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It’s a big week for The Division 2! Big! BIG! BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG! Announced a couple of weeks ago, Ubisoft has a brand new expansion out for the game that’ll essentially rewrite the rulebook on being America’s best agent with a license to kill in a world where a virulent plague has run amok and…hey Ubisoft, you know anything else about the future that you’re not telling us?

Anyway, having launched a day early and thus ruining Cheddar’s flight plans, Warlords of New York takes you back to the original isle of Manhattan for a showdown with rogue agents who have carved out their own empire in the ruins of the big pineapple (for a standalone price that is). Across Civic Center, Battery Park, Two Bridges, and the Financial District, you’ll need to first update the game and prepare yourself for the aforementioned embiggening download. Here’s a list of the download sizes via VG247, that’ll make you weep if you don’t have a decent fibre internet connection:

  • PC: 42GB patch
  • PS4: 14-16GB patch
  • Xbox One: 60GB patch

Aside from the actual campaign content, Warlords of New York also ushers in an entirely new system for growing your Agent power and Gear systems and increases the level cap to 40. The effort from Ubisoft and developer Massive Entertainment is to strip the more inconsequential aspects of character growth out of the game, while also adding some spice to the variety of gear on offer s that more diverse character builds can be encouraged.

Numerous other changes have also been implemented, but since most people hate Limp Bizkit (the fools), I’m not going to copy and paste all of them here and watch you keep scrollin’ scrollin’ scrollin’. Here are the bits that did peak my interest when I saw them though:

New Skills

  • Explosive Sticky Bomb
  • Incendiary Sticky Bomb
  • Trip-wire Tap
  • Decoy

Gear “2.0”

  • All weapons, gear and mods have been reworked.
  • All existing items have been converted into the new system.
  • Gear has been converted to only contain the following attributes:
  • Weapon Damage
  • Skill Tier
  • Armor
  • Weapon Handling
  • Critical Hit Chance
  • Critical Hit Damage
  • Headshot Damage
  • Skill Damage
  • Skill Repair
  • Skill Haste
  • Armor Regeneration
  • Hazard Protection
  • Health
  • Explosive Resistance
  • All Brand Bonuses have been reworked

Infinite Progression

  • SHD Levels – an infinite progression system granting you perk points at regular intervals used to improve selected stats and bonuses of your agent.

New attribute system

  • Streamlined RPG system, with a focus on increasing build diversity, improved accessibility and making the RPG systems more intuitive.
  • “God rolled” items are back and easily identified in the new UI.
  • Skill Power now uses a Tier system to allow a clear progression and benefits to each skill, shown in the UI.

Sounds like fun on a bun!

Last Updated: March 3, 2020

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