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The Division will have consequences

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I think game developers have realized that most gamers are more mature than previously believed; rather than being whiny kids, most gamers appreciate the idea of consequences in games. As much as I hate losing stuff when I die, it makes sense to me. The Division will add meaning to multiplayer by adding some serious consequences for player death.

The Division’s game director, Ryan Bernard, knows that a lot of games are trying to make multiplayer a more immersive and fluid part of the experience and narrative. With a bunch of games entering this genre, The Division seeks to stand apart with their approach to PvP. While we don’t know much about how The Division will handle equipment, we know  that you will be able to trade with others and craft items, leading to a Borderlands-esque “thousands of combinations” idea. Barnard believes the prospect of losing that precious gear is what will make PvP so thrilling:

“We want player versus player to be meaningful. And the way player versus player gets meaningful is you need to have something to lose – it’s not just a scorecard in a multiplayer map.”

While there will be a mechanic to keep your items when you die, we don’t know how that will work. It has been implied that it won’t be as easy as changing your settings.

I suppose we need to know more about how this will work, but I’m a bit apprehensive about this. Apparently the game designers went on survival training exercises to gain a greater appreciation for living without those things we take for granted. Does this mean that players in The Division will also need to forage for food and water? Will survival be a part of the experience? If so, I’m not sure how it will work when you engage in a PvP battle only to lose your food, water and gun. This could lead to some horrible over powering of some players, while others are hunted for their supplies. At the same time, it could make people more careful while playing and keep everyone from going kamikaze in multiplayer.

I know this would be more realistic – the world would not be a pretty place if The Division were true. However, it still has to be viable for new players. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see as more details come out. For now, at least we can prepare ourselves for a game that takes its players more seriously. I’m still so excited for this title – can’t wait for it!

Last Updated: August 12, 2013

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