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The Double Fine Humble Bundle will rock you

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Still stumped on a gift idea that you can grab for cheap, for Mother’s Day? Well here’s one non-holiday tie-in that is both affordable and awesome! There’s a new Humble Bundle out, and this time it’s packed with titles from the Tim Schafer fronted studio, Double Fine. Here’s what they’re offering, for a mere buck, most of which goes to charity as well.

  • Psychonauts – The acclaimed action-platformerPsychonauts bears all the marks of a mad Tim Schafer/Double Fine creation
  • Stacking – an eccentric and intriguing adventure-puzzle game about nesting dolls that have special abilities
  • Costume Quest – An adorable adventure RPG that allows you to trick-or-treat without warranting skeptical stares from those who may notice you aren’t in middle school

Throw in enough cash to match the current average that has been donated ($7.92 at the time of writing), and you’ll also net yourself one of the most underrated games of its time, Brutal Legend:

  • Brutal Legend – Rock on and lead a band of head-banging minions to defeat some nasty-looking demons

But wait, there’s more! Chip in up to $35 in cash, and you’ll also net yourself a preorder for the upcoming Double Fine Adventure that took Kickstarter by storm last year!

  • Broken Age –  A point ‘n click adventure that tells the stories of a young boy and girl leading parallel lives

STILL NOT SATISFIED? FINE! Give Schafer and friends $70, and you’ll also get a T-Shirt! Give Double Fine a full $100, and they’ll make you a nice omelette if you pay them a visit! No, not really, but a guy can dream about eggs. That’s normal, right?

The games are up for grabs on Steam, on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. You’ve got less than two weeks to go, so don’t miss out on this bargain. And three of those games happen to come with full soundtracks as well.

Last Updated: May 8, 2013

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