The E3 2015 Diaries – D-and-Co Day minus one

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Can you smell it? That scent of rich carbon monoxide in the air from a hundred Ford Mustangs racing down Figgy avenue. The unmistakable sound of police sirens getting ready to assemble a SWAT team because a jaywalker may have been spotted. The strange cacophony of various accents in the air. Ladies and Germans, it is E3…day minus one.

Sunday usually kicks off the registration portion of the E3 event. Badges are collected, events are confirmed and someone will moan about the unbreakable Microsoft and Ubisoft wrist bands that they have to wear for the entirety of Monday. It’s all rather weird. But E3 wouldn’t be the same without that weirdness. Zoe, Alessandro and I will as usual be keeping things new-school with a running vlog of our high and lowlights of the event. In fact, here’s our very first one for the event!

Oh that Al. So innocent. So pure. We’ll break him out of his optimism, mark our words. In other news, Al and I have been brain-storming a new E3 buzzword, after Zoe and I murdered “Amazing” last year. We’ve currently settled on “Funk-tastic”, but please do leave any other suggestions in the comments below and we’ll see if we can work it into a video. Maybe it’s a specific slogan you want shouted, or a new word that totally wasn’t made up during a heated round of Scrabble. So go on, throw an idea or two at us.

Because that would be funk-tastic.

Last Updated: June 15, 2015

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