The end of optical discs and local storage as we know it?

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There is a story going around at the moment claiming that Disney are working on a project that will end the need for Blu-Rays which isn’t quite true.

They are working on a project that will end the requirement to own a local copy of the movie/game in any form what so ever.

Basically the idea in a nutshell is that instead of buying the physical movie you buy an indefinite licence to watch the movie on any platform you like. Then if you want to watch it in full HD you stream the HD movie directly to your PC/TV. However if you just want to watch it on the go you can stream a lower res version to your iPhone, netbook or in car TV system.

I love the idea, I want it now… but I also want cheese on my toast in the morning and I am all out of cheese… and I am sure I can relate that back to not having enough bandwidth some how but my brain just stopped working.. I really want cheese on toast.

So as I was saying, the idea is made from awesomeness but in reality it won’t be happening anytime soon. Disney themselves are even admitting that by saying they don’t expect to see any profit from the service until at least 2015 and that’s obviously not even counting countries like South Africa with our embarrassing bandwidth situation.

Source: NetImperative

Last Updated: October 23, 2009

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