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The European PS3 sales figures

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So I posted a story yesterday about the lack of console movers in this generation and was once again told that I am being selective with my PS3 reporting.

So I went to try and find official European stats for this week (post MGS4) and although I found many websites claiming huge figures I didn’t find any with any factual base behind them… so I am back to VGChartz again.

According to them the PS3 has had a major sales surge this week and has moved a total of 116,642 units, way more than the 67,615 Xbox 360’s but still less than the Wii who moved 138,210.

So the sites claiming that the PS3 finally outsold the Wii may not be entirely correct.

While the PS3 nearly outsold the 360 2:1 this week it is important to note that it only had a 40k surge in sales over it’s normal weekly average. Way short of the sales around the holiday period where it topped 250k units…

So I still stick to my previous statement that MGS4 doesn’t seem to be a console mover either….

I have also seen some statements that the PS3 has now outsold the 360 in Europe but can also not find any facts to back that up. Though it does appear to be very close and should break that mark in the next few months…

Which is very impressive as the Xbox had a huge head start against the PS3, Microsoft really missed their opportunity in this generation.

Source: VGChartz

Last Updated: June 19, 2008

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