The Evolution Of – Sega Consoles

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With PlayStation and Xbox consoles everywhere, it’s easy to forget just how damn hard it was to actually have gaming devices in this country. Most times, folks had to import them, a costly venture and an option that wasn’t open to people with more normal revenues of income. But of there’s one console maker that was always present, it was Sega. From Master System to Dreamcast, Sega made some fantastic hardware.

And I’ve got such a soft spot for those ancient days. Hell, I somehow remember K-TV inserts that had players phoning to shout instructions at Sonic as he ran around the screen, something that was clearly before my time or actual birth. Thank you VHS tapes. I remember seeing a Sega Saturn in a specialty shop, and wondering what that stirring sensation was in my pants.

I even managed to hold a Dreamcast controller at one point, even though the damn thing was bigger than a dinner plate. Good times man, good times. Of course, Sega would eventually close shop on making consoles, after losing hundreds of millions of dollars year after year. It just wasn’t profitable to continue to make these machines, with their future laying in creating games exclusively.

So what’s your favourite Sega memory?

Last Updated: August 28, 2014

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