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The Fallen have gone crazy in Destiny: Rise of Iron

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The Fallen

At its core, Destiny is all about exploration. And possibly getting completely wrecked in that bar beneath the hangar. But back on track, it’s a game that’s very much not bound to good ol’ terra firma. There’s an entire solar system out there to explore, from the red sands of Mars to the libraries of Venus and beyond. While Earth has its fair share of zones to kill countless Fallen and Hive troops within, it’s also a part of Destiny that hasn’t been in the spotlight much lately.

That all changes in Rise of Iron, the next expansion. The Fallen have gone and opened up the Plaguelands, a hostile zone beyond the wall that happens to be teeming with all kinds of mutagenic nastiness, and it’s up to you to stop the plague. With as many bullets as possible, of course. Think of it as a series of high velocity injections of lead.

So how do the Plaguelands differ when compared to the Cosmodrome? After all, that makes for two zones on one planet, a first for Destiny. “We’re going to have two patrol nodes [on Earth],” Rise of Iron creative lead Christopher Barrett explained to GameSpot.


So players will be able to jump directly into the new content and explore the Plaguelands. They’ll also, as part of the new campaign, be able to return to parts of the Cosmodrome that have changed. Players will be able to return to where they first started their Destiny adventures, but it’s changed significantly. The wall [in the Cosmodrome] has collapsed and there’s snow everywhere, the Fallen have gone crazy.

So I think that’s going to be a cool moment for the players.

As for that brand new Raid? Barrett wasn’t spilling any beans, but he did mention the kind of threat that Guardians would be facing in Rise of Iron:

It’s Fallen-themed, which is something new for Destiny. It takes place in the Plaguelands so it’s tied up in the theme of SIVA fighting the Fallen Devil Splicers.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out on September 20, and will include loads of other stuff to lure Guardians back in yet again. Including some sick new swag. Yo.

Last Updated: June 17, 2016

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