The Fight: Lights Out Review Roundup

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One of the most hyped titles before anyone had their hands on the PlayStation Move was The Fight: Lights Out.

It’s graphics were gritty and hardcore and this was the title that was going to bring motion control fighting to the hardcore fans.

We had some hands on time with it at E3 and it was utterly abysmal and ever since then it has been slinking off the scene and trying to remain unnoticed.

But it’s time has arrived and the review embargo is lifted, we never received a copy which is most probably because we live in deepest darkest Africa and it was to scared to even show it’s face around here judging by how meek the title actually is.

IGN – 3/10

Videgamer – 5/10

TheSixthAxis – 7/10 – 2/5

That’s all the ones I have found so far and besides the high score by the PS3 fan site it isn’t looking good.

In fact reading the IGN review makes it look decidedly terrible. So terrible in fact that I suggest going out and getting a copy. That is if like me you love terrible games.

Last Updated: November 2, 2010

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