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The final result of the Maingaming saga

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The Maingaming Fear Elite vs Delta issue that has been raging all week has finally been completed, I’ll leave it to you to decide if the rulings are fair or not as I feel it is time to put this to rest and move onto the next stage in life.

Maingaming were given a pile of evidence and some of it was pretty damaging to the people who originally accused Elite of cheating.

Mainly Bunion and Drew who both stated it was Elite who wanted the 5-0 but new evidence proves that it was them who actually offered the opportunity.

As suck Bunion, Matthew Venter, has been banned for life from Maingaming’s leagues for suggesting match fixing while Drew, Dewald Badenhorst, has been banned for the remainder of the season for lying about not knowing about the match fixing claims.

Delta will also have 5 points deducted for not playing a 3 vs 4 game and their captain, Jason Damon, banned for 5 matches for allowing an unregistered player to take part in the match.

Robdutchmonkey, Robert, will no longer be allowed to help out with the organisation of the Maingaming league and will be banned for 5 matches for allowing the unregistered player to play in the game.

The game between Elite and Delta will be replayed

That’s it, the evidence appears to back up the first two ban’s so unless something miraculously appears now to disprove that I can’t see anything wrong with it.

The banning of Robert and Jason for allowing an unregistered player in the game seems harsh but equal so that’s a good marker to have moving forward.

Removing 5 points from Delta and allowing the game to be replayed doesn’t make sense to me. The game was illegal, both sides were at fault so they should both get 0 for the game and move on.

But that is hopefully the end of it and we can now all move on.

In summary

F34R Elite has been cleared of all cheating accusations

F34R Delta has had 2 members disqualified for match fixing

Robert is no longer a member of the Maingaming support team

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Last Updated: August 24, 2012

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