The five Kages join the action in these new Naurto screens

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Naruto (2)

You can be certain of three things in life. Death, taxes and the final fight in the Naruto manga dragging out over several years now. Yes, it’s still going on. That could also be due to the fact that the battle has pretty much every single character available taking part in it, stretching that battle the same way your mom stretches out a bathing costume. And the next Naruto game will be adding some Kage-level fighters to the mix as well.

Newly confirmed characters include the second Mizukage, the second Tsuchikage, the third Raikage and the fourth Kazecage. If you’re scratching your head right now wondering what gibberish I happen to be sprouting, just think of those guys as Ninja end-bosses who happen to have shinobi magic as a skillset.

As usual, each character will have their own set of unique skills, such as Mizukage with his Water Pistol jutsu, the Tsuchikage with his Particle Style attacks and the Raikage with his “My Finger Points” finishing move.

Naruto (6)Naruto (7)Naruto (8)Naruto (9)

The latest Naruto game looks like business as usual so far, with the biggest new addition being  Combo Ultimate Jutsu. This time, players can combine forces with their support partners for one ultimate big bang attack and save the day with friendship powers. Neat.

Here’s a bunch of new screenshots to get you to realise the importance of friendship and having nine-tailed demon-foxes inhabiting your body:

NarutoNaruto (1)Naruto (2)Naruto (3)Naruto (5)Naruto (10)Naruto (11)Naruto (12)Naruto (13)Naruto (14)Naruto (15)naruto packNaruto (4)

The game is due for release some time this year, and will probably wrap up the latest Ninja World War for the second year running before the source manga can do so.

Last Updated: January 21, 2014

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